How to Create a Blog in WordPress

The great thing is that it’s not a rocket science at all. There are five steps. All you need to do is go to and click start and it will help you setup your blog.

  1. First, choose a homepage layout
  2. Then, choose a theme
  3. Next, choose a domain (blog address/blog name)
  4. Pick a plan
  5. Create your account

In you can choose from number of free themes which you can use for your blog. Then you can start posting your blog. I would recommend to post your blog with relevant content it will help you in SEO.

Here are some FAQ’s that can help you

1 Can I create a WordPress blog offline?

No, unfortunately. You’ll need to be online in order to go through Steps 1-5 above.

2. What do I need to start a WordPress blog?

You’ll need an internet connection, a computer/laptop (it’s inconvenient to do it on a mobile/tablet) and a credit card/PayPal account if you’re going for a premium package.

4. How much does it cost to start a WordPress blog?’s basic package is free but its premium package is $99/year. As for, you can download it for free but you’ll need a domain and hosting which costs a few dollars per month.

5. How to start a WordPress blog for free?

If you follow my instructions above and go through Steps 1-5, you can start a WordPress blog for free. Just remember to choose the free plan when presented with a choice of plans in

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